Posted by: Paul | August 24, 2010

Pushing It

Is it possible for your legs to ache in anticipation of going to the gym?

I’ve started a little bit of training for when I go and climb Snowdon with my Dad for the second time. The aim is to be fit enough not to have a heart attack half way up, and to be able to walk the next day. Last time we took the easy, most travelled route, the Llanberis path, which follows the tracks of the steam train pretty closely, all the way to the summit. This time we’re starting from somewhere different, for a shorter but steeper climb. Haven’t decided which route we’re going to take exactly yet, but it’s likely to be either the Miner’s Track or the PYG track.

Our mountain-walking exploits are mostly cursed by the weather – however clement when we start out, by the time we get to the top we’re either in heavy cloud or, as with Snowdon the first time, it’s pouring with rain. Either way, we’ve been to the top of not just Snowdon, but Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis, all without a clear view from the summit. On the Ben, the clouds cleared just long enough to take a quick photo in one direction before descending again – a few seconds, no more. Shame really. We did, however, get a great day at the top of Skiddaw, an impressive peak just outside Keswick in the Lake District – and that I can highly recommend. There was even a chap selling bacon sandwiches from a disposable barbecue at the top. At a fiver a pop, I did not indulge!

So we’re hopeful for better weather this time. Fingers crossed for an Indian Summer, because August has royally let us down and there are only a few days for it to make amends.

In any case, I’m doing 5k at a fair pace on the treadmill in preparation. Current record is 25 mins flat – and since I don’t feel I can go at a faster pace than that (and won’t exactly be running up the mountain), the next objective is to take it a bit slower, but lengthen the distance – I think we’ll be walking about 6 miles in total, so I’d like to get up to 10k by the time we go. I feel OK afterwards right now, which I suppose is a good sign – just need to keep it up!


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