Posted by: Paul | August 20, 2010


I made a mistake the other day.

As a consequence of the Goddamn Summer Holidays, going to the Train Park has become our regular post-lunchtime fixture. If I’m really lucky, Adam will also take a nap on the way home in his buggy. On Wednesday however, so tired was he from his exertions at Baby Gym that he nodded off in his buggy on the way there.

I wondered what I should do. Keep walking in the hope that he stays asleep? No, I thought, then I’d feel bad that he’d missed out on the park, kind of like I’d tricked him. I resolved to stop outside the train park, and if he woke up we’d go in – he was bound to tire himself out again and sleep on the way home.

When I stopped, he woke with a start and struggled out of his straps, desperate to play. But did he sleep on the way home? No such luck. He kicked his feet like mad in a struggle to stay awake, and it worked. All this had accomplished by the time we arrived home was me being exhausted and him having had a nice rest!

So the same thing happened today – about halfway there, he dropped off. I’m not going to make the same mistake today, I thought, as we did a big loop to ensure his slumber and made our way home. But no sooner have I got him into the hall and typed this far, than I can hear him stirring. Typical.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”


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