Posted by: Paul | August 19, 2010

God of War III

With Heavy Rain done for now (I intend to return to seek out alternative story paths), I’ve moved on to this – probably the last game on my list for the year.

I liked the previous GOW games very much. They combine spectacular set pieces with dizzying camerawork, with ultraviolence with just the right amount of fun. Seriously, if God Of War was not such a complete and enjoyable experience, the buckets of blood would become tedious in five minutes flat. It’s why I don’t watch horror movies any more – to get away with this kind of material, you have to offer something extra. People might turn up for the violence, but they will stay for the story / fiendish puzzles / rewarding upgrade system / deep and satisfying controls.

It’s a game that demands a big TV, and it’s everything Clash of the Titans wants to be, and isn’t. GOW 3 picks up from the cliffhanger (literally) ending of the previous game, with Angriest Man / God / Unstoppable One-Man-Army Kratos standing on the shoulder of the Titan Gaia, while she and her compatriots scale the cliffs of Mount Olympus, to put an end to the tyranny of the Gods once and for all. Zeus is understandably unhappy about this, and the game’s spectacular opening sees him sending ocean god Poseidon down to see them off. Guess what becomes of Poseidon.

In the melee, Kratos is once again cast into the realm of Hades, which must be starting to feel a bit like home for him with the amount of time he’s spent down there in previous games, and the quest to reach the top of Mount Olympus begins anew, a procession of fighting, puzzling, collecting and dying because of stupid gamer hands making him sail over the edge of cliffs.

I’m not very far into it, but already it’s a lot of fun, and already a fiendish puzzle has defeated me. I expect it will be the first of many times I have to consult GameFAQs during this!


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