Posted by: Paul | August 17, 2010

Beach, August, 10.47 am

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the British Summer. Middle of August, middle of the summer holidays, middle of the morning…deserted. And just in case you thought I’ve framed the shot so the hordes of people who must be there can’t be seen:

…this is the view in the other direction.

There were, of course, other people about, but they were mainly on the pier. It wasn’t that cold, though none of us braved shorts except Adam, who did his usual diving straight in the sea act. It was a bit of a shame – we’d borrowed a beach hut from another family member and had been looking forward to a nice day out with Nana & Grandad for some weeks. I was even going to take Adam swimming in the sea, but the wind was such that it was quite rough. Some hardy folks did venture in though, so it wasn’t that it was too cold.

August has really let us down here so far. I don’t know why I’m surprised – summer has either been early or late for the last three years, August is becoming the traditional washout which is unfortunate. Still, hopefully it will make for a nice September, an Indian Summer would hit the spot…


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