Posted by: Paul | August 13, 2010

Conversations with a Two-Year-Old: Goodness Me!

It’s Friday the 13th today, and had been trouble free until we went to the train park.

Our trip to the shops had gone smoothly – plied with rice cakes and juice, Adam behaved himself most of the way round and, as usual, worked his little charmer act on the checkout lady. I always pick the middle aged ladies, the ones that look the age where they might either have grandchildren or want them soon – makes for a more pleasant shopping experience if they’re cheered up from their daily grind by a bonny little boy. I was as grumpy as hell when I worked on the checkouts in the local M&S so I like to do what I can to lift their day, and happy assistant equals happy Paul, as they tend to slow down while they gaze adoringly at my progeny, saying things like “oh, doesn’t he have lovely hair…” or “look at his little face…”, making it easier for me to pack my shopping up! Younger people tend to chuck things down the belt at 100 miles per hour. Adam grins away, saying “Hello!” over and over again.

So after lunch we decamp to the train park, hoping for a dry spell between showers. As we get there the heavens open, so we shelter under a tree. At least, I do:

“Adam, come back! You’ll get soaked!”

“It raining!”

“I know it is, pick Elephant out of that puddle and come sit in your buggy for a minute.”

“Look at that rain!”

“I know, I can see it, now come here!”

“Goodness me!”

This last stops me in my tracks, as he sounds more like me there than in anything else he has said up to this point. It occurs to me that I must say this a lot – he’s not much of a parrot, he doesn’t repeat back things you say to him directly (except to say the direct opposite) but there are little phrases like this that he picks up and stores away, and they just pop out from time to time.

“Goodness me!”

He’s now picked up that it’s tickled me, and is saying it over and over again. It’s little things like this that make me glad to be spending time with him. I pick him up, give him a big squeeze, flip him upside down and carry him back to his buggy to wait for the rain to stop.


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