Posted by: Paul | August 12, 2010

Celebrity Masterchef

Guilty pleasure time – I love Masterchef, celebrity or otherwise. I normally spend the entire running time of the show salivating and wishing I could cook that well. How do they do it? I can follow a recipe, same as anyone else, but these people seem to have some kind of instinctive ability which tells them when food, especially meat, is cooked. That’s something I really struggle with and often overcook my attempts at meals.

I wouldn’t normally have posted about something like this but last night’s instalment really made me laugh – the section in the Harrow School kitchen. The contestants – at that point Neil Stuke, Christine Hamilton and Lisa Faulkner – had to cook several different menu options for the 800+ boarders who eat lunch at the school every day. Transported into the kitchen, cooking on such a scale made it seem like the protagonists had shrunk to the size of the mouse in Ratatouille – giant frying pans, stirring food with a paddle, and an industrial sized blender which had more in common with a pneumatic road drill than a kitchen appliance…to say nothing of ‘Christine’s Big Dustbin O’Chicken’!

It’s these little insights into the mechanics of food production that make me think you should be extremely careful where you eat – not all restaurants have a head chef who cares so deeply about your dinner that he is moved to bark orders at his staff. What happens in a normal pub kitchen? Maybe one day Masterchef will let us find out. But probably only in the pleb version 😉

I do wish John and John (or is it Greg and Greg?) would stop SHOUTING ALL THE TIME though!



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