Posted by: Paul | August 10, 2010

Moving on up

In a few weeks, Adam will be moving up to the next group at his nursery. This means that after this group, there’s only one more room to go before he goes off to Primary school – it’s quite sad to think this is just 2 years away!

Time flies. I can remember putting him in nursery for the first time at around 7 months old as a tiny baby who cried when we left him and again when we picked him up. But as working parents, what are you to do? Obviously we’d like to spend more time with him but the piper ultimately has to be paid. I’m very grateful for the time I’m able to spend with him now, and will look back on it fondly – even if he does drive me up the wall at times!

The nursery is a great environment though. This morning we went upstairs to visit his new room, and I was impressed by the subtle differences between each group to ease the transition, with the final room being laid out almost like a classroom. I would hope this slightly more formal environment will smooth the journey from pre-school/nursery to school, but who can remember back that far? The only real memory I have of reception class is a visit before I actually started – the reception class was in a building set apart from the rest of the school (the original schoolhouse, I assume), and it was taught by a kindly old lady called Mrs Fairweather. I bawled my eyes out the entire time (as I also did when we moved from our first house aged 6 to the house in which I did most of my growing up).

As much as you want them to be tiny and cuddly forever, kids grow fast. I guess that’s why people have a second, third, fourth, to try to recapture that feeling and have it last as long as possible. But for me, they only get more interesting as they get older, develop their personality and interests. It’s the teenage years I’m not looking forward to though – having already been told to ‘go away’, I’m not relishing the time that morphs into ‘F Off’!


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