Posted by: Paul | August 9, 2010

Getting booked up

The next few weeks, fingers crossed, are looking quite busy.

I spent the early part of last week wondering what I was going to do next, who to chase, who to make first contact with, and in the space of two days I received several new enquiries, one firm new contract and two more meetings to schedule in. I spent the remainder of the week chasing down and converting some missing video files for LACMA, and this week I’ve moved onto a new job for them – a script edit/rewrite for a new mobile website the museum is to launch shortly.

Some interesting new projects came up too – one is just a quote at this stage but could lead to a year’s worth of working in a studio for about one day a week. If it were to come off it would provide some nice regular income so if other work dropped off at least I would be keeping my hand in. Those are the sort of contracts I need!

There are also more audioguide projects in the offing, plus a meeting with a new audio tour company I have never worked with before that I need to set up, and the radio producer who is offering to help me with the commissioning process returns from holiday this week and we should at last be able to speak – looking forward to that most of all.

For the first time in the six months since this exercise began, I’m feeling like three business days a week is not quite enough to get everything done – a good sign. Don’t want to jinx it though, so still pressing for more work from multiple sources. It’s far better to be very busy than the alternative!


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