Posted by: Paul | August 8, 2010


It’s pretty hard to review ‘Moon’ without totally ruining it. It’s customary for reviews to give a small plot summary before moving on to dissecting character, performance, direction, imagery etc. But with Moon, plot is all, and all is plot. So here goes.

It’s an un-stated time in the near future, and humanity has returned to the surface of the moon in order to mine Helium-3, seemingly the answer to all the world’s energy problems. The operation is run exclusively by Lunar Industries, and each mining station is run by a single staff member. Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), assigned to the Sarang station, is just two weeks away from the end of his 3 year contract with only the base computer, Gerty (marvellously voiced by Kevin Spacey) for company and missing his wife and young daughter, eager to returm home to them. But an accident on the surface means he wakes up in the infirmary with the base locked down – and in his desire to find out what happened, everything he assumed to be true is challenged.

That’s the first twenty minutes done with – what to say about the rest without spoiling the twists? Hmm. I enjoyed it? Sam Rockwell is very good, as is Spacey, and it’s a tight script nicely staged? Is that good enough?

I love science fiction movies on the whole, and this is a great addition to the canon. Moon has been compared to 2001 and I can see why – though it’s far shorter, the somewhat stately pace echoes Kubrick’s masterpiece, and the sense of isolation and disconnectedness from civilization is palpable. Moon is about solitude, friendship, lies and greed, but mostly it’s about loneliness. And in that respect, I found it quietly moving.


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