Posted by: Paul | August 7, 2010

‘Ere we go

The new Premier League season starts a week today, with Spurs at home against Manchester City. What an opening fixture for us! We’ll really need to be on our game, it could be a statement of intent or an expose of how far we still have to go. I guess in our favour our team has been playing together as a unit for more than a season, whereas Man City are dismantled and reassembled every year they don’t win the Premier League now!

In the meantime, the long awaited draw for the Champions League playoff was made yesterday. I don’t know why I get so excited by a bunch of balding old men in a room picking balls out of fruit bowls. Maybe it’s the exotic team names we rarely get to hear – Anorthosis Famagusta (sounds like a tropical disease), Trabzonspor (some kind of industrial disinfectant), or Young Boys of Berne (sounds like they should be doing the YMCA).

This last is our opposition, and by all accounts the best draw we could have hoped for. However, trotting out an old footballing cliche, ‘there are no easy games at this level’. It’s true though – YB put Fenerbache out in the last round, winning away in the process – no mean feat to go into the bear pit of Turkish football and come out victorious.

So I await with bated breath the return of Tottenham Hotspur to some terrestrial TV coverage I hope! Not sure what the arrangements are for the playoff games, maybe the home leg will be on ITV, but should we make the group stage I’ll be in for an autumn of…well, heartbreak probably, but keeping those fingers and toes firmly crossed!


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