Posted by: Paul | August 6, 2010

Conversations with a Two-year-old: Twenty-Five

It’s been a pretty good day so far. Over the past couple of days, more offers to quote, enquiries and firm contracts have come in and for the first time since I set out on my own I’m starting to feel like 3 business days a week is not quite enough. Fingers crossed it will go up to 4 in the not-too-distant future! Then after a quick whizz round Tescos with the little man I got back in time for the Champions League play-off draw, in which Spurs received the most favourable draw we could have hoped for. More on that tomorrow probably. And after lunch, on the way back from the Train Park, Adam fell fast asleep in his buggy – a rarity nowadays. Naturally, as soon as I got the buggy through the door he woke up, but he’s now in repose on the sofa quietly watching Charlie and Lola.

Anyway, the latest thing has become ‘Daddy, what are you doing?’ At first, this is very cute. On the tenth time in two minutes it’s a bit wearing.

‘Daddy, what are you doing?’

‘I’m making myself a cup of tea, Adam. Would you like some?’

‘No. Daddy, what are you doing?’

‘Still making tea. Now I’m putting the milk in.’

‘Daddy, what are you doing?’

‘Don’t you have toys to be playing with?’

Today it’s a dressmakers tape measure out of a christmas cracker. You know, the cloth ones which roll up into a tiny spiral and you can then unfurl in a single sweep of the arm (you can tell he takes after me). He wanders off with said tape measure and proceeds to measure everything in his path, every time repeating the same result.


‘Adam, what are you doing?’

(Stretches the tape measure across the TV screen) ‘Twenty-Five!’

Seeing as he can only count to ten, most often missing out five on the way and then going back to seven, I’ve no idea where ‘Twenty Five’ has come from. Toby The Cat wanders in, and quickly wanders out again when Adam races towards him with the tape. Out into the garden they go. I return to stirring my tea contemplatively. There follows a feline squeal, and another ‘Twenty-Five!’ goes in the book.

Twenty-Five what, I’ve absolutely no idea.


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