Posted by: Paul | August 4, 2010

The Deep

Advance reviews of this had not been good, so I watched the first episode of new BBC 5-part drama ‘The Deep’ with one eyebrow poised to be raised in cynicism at any time.

2000 feet below the arctic ice, a group of scientists search for a potential new source of energy. When the expedition is lost without trace, James Nesbitt and his team are dispatched to (a) find out what happened to the crew of the Hermes and (b) continue their work – begun by his wife, now supposedly lying dead on the ocean floor.

Having thought the initial trailers looked promising – sets and effects look expensively constructed, to say nothing of a fairly high-profile cast including Minnie Driver – the reviews dampened my enthusiasm. While it wasn’t as bad as I feared (I will certainly continue to watch), it was chock full of hoary old cliches. To whit:

-The cast are just that bit too good looking for a bunch of scientists all in one place.
-They are entirely multicultural – each member a different ethnic group or nation. Seriously, get off your politically correct high horses and write proper characters and cast them appropriately, rather than box ticking and quota filling. How stupid do you think your audience is? This practice is extremely dull.
-The black character dies first.
-The asian character is the technical genius.
-The ‘bad guy’, or the one not to be trusted, is English. I’m so sick of this last one I could stick my foot through the telly.

The setup was hardly original either, but what is any more? I imagine it will get better, but I also imagine it will take a massive dip in viewer numbers from week 1 to week 2.

The other overwhelming thought I had was that the main sub itself was far too roomy! Having stood on a submarine, albeit a WWII one, I know that space is at a premium on the bottom of the sea. They may aswell have been in an underwater shopping mall, it was so spacious.

Anyway, the cliffhanger was decent, and if they haven’t crowbarred every single exciting bit into the trailer for the second episode, it will be worth persevering with. They’re not quite scraping the ocean floor just yet.


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