Posted by: Paul | August 3, 2010

Digifusion EPG update (or lack of update)

I’ve been following this story avidly, and think that the more places which are jumping up and down about it, the more likely things are to be done – and it looks like the manufacturers concerned are starting to respond in one way or another. Hence I’m blogging about it again, and probably will next week too – got to have some kind of regular posting subject until the football restarts!

To recap – alongside the Freeview signal, there’s another company which broadcasts the EPG information for digital boxes – your 7, 8, or sometimes even 14-day Electronic Programme Guide. A few weeks ago, this company (InView) announced they’d be stopping the broadcast for certain equipment with immediate effect as contracts for the service had not been renewed. It affects certain Sony, Thomson, Inverto and all Digifusion units. Basically, with no programme guide you can’t select individual programmes to be recorded, rendering your box about as useful as a VHS player (you can still manually program things but it’s a headache compared to the simple EPG method).

Naturally lots of PVR-owning clever digital bods started jumping up and down about this on the internet – forums were set up and posted to, a petition was started, now up to nearly 1600 signatures, and general noise was made. ‘You and Yours’ on Radio 4 covered it, and a TV show (I assume Watchdog) have been in touch with the owner of the petition.

I’ve noticed people starting to arrive at this page after web searches. If you got here looking for updates or a solution, then this page is where I’m getting my info from if you haven’t already found it.

The latest is that Inverto are working on a firmware solution to the problem so their boxes accept a different EPG signal. Hooray for Inverto users! Shows it’s possible to fix. Sony are offering a ¬£100 trade-in on affected models, basically washing their hands of the issue and using it to drive a few more sales of new units. Crafty. Thomson have not been heard from at all, and Beko (owners of the Digifusion brand) are having ‘internal meetings and will announce a decision next week’. That doesn’t really bode well for Digi users as Beko now only operate the Digifusion brand in Turkey so won’t be able to replace the units or operate a trade-in scheme. Unless it’s for a fridge or something.

Our best (vain) hope as Digifusion owners is that, like Inverto, they come up with a firmware update. But you have to ask, how realistic is this considering the boxes are 3-4 years old in many cases, way out of guarantee and not sold in the UK any more? Keeping my fingers crossed but not holding out much hope.

In the meantime if you’re a user who’s been affected by this, I urge you to sign the petition above, and contact Beko directly to express your disappointment with the situation. They have apparently been fielding a lot of calls on this.


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