Posted by: Paul | August 2, 2010

HOW much?

Cheeky, insurance companies. Very cheeky. Do they honestly expect you not to notice when they put your renewal cost up?

My car insurance is due soon, and on receiving the renewal notice last week I was amazed to see the price had gone up by nearly £60 – this on an eleven year old Focus worth about £1000 which has done more than 100,000 miles! Of course, when that happens you do the usual and jump on a price comparison engine. Within minutes I’d knocked almost £100 off the price (without all the extra gubbins), and so gave my insurer a ring with a new quote in order to get them to be realistic in their effort to keep my business.

Strangely – and this has never happened to me before – they refused to reduce their price and resigned themselves to losing my custom. How odd! I would have thought, ‘in these straightened times’ as everyone keeps saying, that they’d be desperate to keep their increasingly fickle customers happy, when switching insurers or suppliers of more or less everything is simply a few button clicks away. But no. Toodle pip, thanks for your money last year, cheery wave, buh-bye!

So I switched. Naturally when I got to the actual website, as is often the case, the price quoted is slightly different (higher) than the initial estimate. I’m sure it’s in the small print somewhere, but it is a little annoying. However, the difference was still great enough to warrant the change, and I think I’ve now had three different insurers in the past five years.

But now for the big bill – the car is being serviced/MOT’d tomorrow (expensive time of year!) and having passed 100k miles it needs the BIG service. Cam belt, a few other engine parts, plus at least one new tyre, maybe one of the exhaust boxes…shame reliable mechanics don’t offer a web-based price comparison service!


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