Posted by: Paul | July 31, 2010

Conversations with a Two-Year-Old: Tantrum

It’s been a challenging couple of days with the little one. Some weeks are easy, some are hard – this was a hard week, brought about specifically by the summer holidays – which henceforth shall be known as the GODDAMN SUMMER HOLIDAYS.

Cancellation of planned activities combined with grumpy, tired, still-teething toddler is a perfect recipe for the tantrum. I thought we may have been lucky enough to avoid the worst of the ‘terrible twos’, as Adam is normally very good natured, but I was wrong. It seems no-one can avoid them. Any slight suggestion of doing something he doesn’t want to do, or denial of something he does, results in at least five solid minutes of mutating into a crying, screaming, flailing ball of snot, no matter how calm the preceding time. Example:

‘Adam, Daddy’s bored. Would you like to go to the Train Park?’ (So called because the train line runs right past it in an elevated position – he normally loves watching the trains and Daddy gets some good exercise as it’s almost a mile away, up a hill.)


‘Would you like to go to the Little Park?’ (The Little Park is, in reality, not much smaller than the train park, but the trade-off for it being much closer is that it’s less well equipped.)

‘No Daddy, I want a Jaffa Cake!’

‘But you’ve had two Jaffa Cakes already! You can’t have another one!’


‘You can have a rice cake…’


‘Oh for goodness sake, come here, let me give you a cuddle…’


Oh dear. This last is new – I’ve never been told to go away before. I’m not sure what to say. We’re in his room – I had been trying unsuccessfully to get him to have a nap – so I shut the gate and leave without a word, to see if he calms down. Cue five solid minutes of screaming and trashing his room before he wears himself out. Unfortunately, Go Away Daddy now seems to have passed into the vocabulary…but thankfully next week we have more planned – always easier to deal with a tantrum if you have to focus on doing something or getting somewhere!


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