Posted by: Paul | July 30, 2010


General update today, it’s been a while!

It’s been a busy and productive week. Finished Careershifters and delivered it, barring any changes the client wants to make. Verified the fixes I’d made to the LACMA podcast feed worked, and fortunately they did! Also started my first writing commission on that job, which will be interesting…must not fail…

Spent Tuesday catching up with some old friends, and having a positive initial meeting with a prospective new client, which might lead to a chunk of work in the autumn – fingers crossed. And am also mulling over an offer to become more involved with the startup studio I’ve been doing some work with. Could be good to be there at the start of something.

On Wednesday I got back in touch with a voice agent I knew from Antenna, to spread the word more widely about my freelance availability, and came home to a message from the radio producer I’d been chasing about the sitcom, informing me she’d try to help with the commissioning process – but is on holiday for the next two weeks! Ho hum, it will give me a chance to check out the guidelines and work in some changes if I have time in the interim.

In all, quite a lot happened, busiest week for some time. And now it’s the busiest part of all, Adam and Daddy days!


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