Posted by: Paul | July 29, 2010

The Dummy Dragon

Adam has finally, reluctantly, given up his dummy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the world has not come to an end either.

For a couple of months now we’ve been planting the seed of the idea of ‘The Dummy Dragon’ in his mind gradually. This is a concept we originally learned from Supernanny Jo Frost on Channel 4 – not sure if she gave it the same name, we might have pinched that from somewhere else – but the idea is a bit like a quid-pro-quo version of Father Christmas. In exchange for placing the dummy in a ceremonial bag at bedtime, the Dummy Dragon comes and takes the dummies away from children who have grown too big for them, and gives them to his baby Dragons who need them now. In exchange, he leaves behind a gift. Nothing like a bit of bribery early on, eh?

So every now and again we’ve been saying to him, especially when he’s asking, pleading, screaming for or already using his dummy, “you know the Dummy Dragon will come soon to take your dummy away?” This has usually led to a look of absolute astonishment that such a thing is possible, but as the day approached it gradually became a sad face and a soft “No…”

On Sunday we finally bit the bullet. We wondered about what to get him in exchange and Ali settled on a large blue bean bag elephant he could take to bed to provide some comfort and fill the void left by the loss of his main sleep aid. Under great duress he relinquished his dummy to the bag, and there began an hour or so of hysterical crying before tiredness took over and he finally fell asleep – a little bit of pain but nothing like as bad as I was expecting!

In the following few days he has mentioned it a few times, especially at bedtime, but we remind him the Dragom gave him his elephant – with which he was delighted, incidentally – and he seems satisfied. There has been no repeat of the hysterics of Sunday night, anyway. I think we can probably call it a success, perhaps due to the fact that we’ve been telling him what to expect for a good few months. Preparation seems like the key!


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