Posted by: Paul | July 25, 2010

Mr Bump

Adam seems to have an alarming propensity for banging his head on things. He’s always doing it – some worse than others, but it happens a lot. He’s our first so I’ve no idea whether it’s normal or not, but it’s certainly worrying when it happens.

The worst occasion so far was when we were on holiday – he ran out of the lounge of the cottage we were staying in, into the hall, slipped on the vinyl floor and smacked his forehead into the corner of the kitchen doorframe. A big bump, a large bruise and a bloody groove above his left eye which took a couple of weeks to heal. He seemed lucid so we bandaged it and went out to take his mind off the injury, but in reality we were very close to running him to the local A&E.

Yesterday was very similar – we were at a barbecue and he was doing his usual running in mad circuits of the garden when he tripped on the patio and struck his head on the edge of the open UPVC door. The other side this time – he has a big bump, a large bruise and a bloody groove down the side of his face by his right eye.

As a parent, you go through several emotions simultaneously when this happens. Annoyance that yet again they’ve been so clumsy, fear that you look like a terrible parent as you were unable to stop it happening, and worry that they’re OK.

The fact is though, that he’s two years old so no matter how many times I tell him, ask him, plead with him to be careful / stop running / look where he’s going, he’s still going to do it. Neither of us can be in two places at once and you can almost guarantee that the first occasion you sit down to have a break after chasing him all afternoon will be the time that he hurts himself. And children are resilient and heal quickly – after a few minutes crying, some ice to keep the swelling down and a sweet to cheer him up, he’s doing the same thing again – albeit glaring at the door which caused the injury on his way past. Que sera, sera.


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