Posted by: Paul | July 16, 2010

Two Years Old and already an Award Winner

I’m a few days late posting about this (again! So far behind this week!) but it was the annual summer picnic at Adam’s nursery on Tuesday. When I saw the poster saying ‘fancy dress – the theme is Fairy Tales – prize for most original costume’, I was dismayed. I was expected to go along, being at home at the time, but I’ve never been good at this kind of thing. Besides, who wants to shell out for a costume which is only going to be worn once?

So thrift and creativity were the order of the day. We thought, ‘what does he have already which can be adapted easily and cheaply into a costume of some kind?’ Almost instantly, we thought the only thing he has which put him all in one colour are a green T shirt and tracksuit trousers. Green…vegetation…leaves…how about the beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk? We can make a hat, you can paint it together on Friday afternoon.

Task appointed, Adam and I set to work. He loves to paint, and I usually hate it as he makes such a mess, but this was a special occasion. And with a prize at stake, the competitive instinct kicks in. I’m going to make the best goddamn hat anyone has ever seen.

Armfuls of cardboard are harvested from the recycling bags, and trimmed. A large cereal box is shorn of its sides and top, measured around his head, and stapled in place (to itself I should add, not to his head). A random sheet of green tissue paper saves the body of the hat from needing to be painted, and I mix some green paint for Adam and he goes to town on the cardboard squares I’ve prepared. Once dry, the squares are trimmed into leaf shapes and variously stuck onto the hat, suspended from stalks, and turned into badges for his clothes. The finishing touch is a terrible drawing of Jack himself, climbing up Adam’s leg!

The final costume elicits many favourable comments straight away on it’s unveiling, and I think ‘this is a shoo-in!’ Sure enough, a couple of treasure-hunt filled hours later, the winners are announced, and most original costume goes to Adam! He wins, rather appropriately, a little plastic gardening set.

As for his grown up accomplice, what did he go as? I’d have to say if Adam was the beanstalk…I was the Giant 😉


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