Posted by: Paul | July 13, 2010

Get Inspired

Back to work today. Actual work! What a relief.

It’s an interesting project too – an audio course for a website called Careershifters. My goodness, I wish I knew these people existed in November last year, I would probably have done a lot less agonising and soul searching about my decision to leave Antenna. It’s basically a support service to people who are thinking about changing careers – whether it’s a radical move or something more incremental, CS is full of good advice that will help you recognise what is the right decision for you – even if that turns out to be staying where you are.

Basically my decision boiled down to a simple choice. Did I want to carry on being unhappy, or take a risk? The transition the company found itself in at the time actually helped me make the decision – if staying on became as much of a risk as leaving, when would there be a better time to change my life?

Since then, I’ve done quite a bit of reading around the subject of changing career – a mix of ‘Which?’ style practical advice and tips, and pseudo-inspirational material. I was given a book fairly early on (before I even knew I was thinking seriously about changing direction) by a friend who had just taken a similar leap, and there are a few things in that which have stayed with me – they helped me through the transition and both Alison and I have turned to the same book for little tips and bits of advice since. It’s called The Four Hour Work Week, and though I don’t agree with the approach of everything author Timothy Ferriss advocates, his general philosophy is a good one – ONLY YOU can make a positive change to your life, and you CAN do it!

I’m not sure I’ll ever get my working week down to four hours – Tim’s ideas are mostly about automation of processes, and you can’t really do that with editing and writing, you have to put in the hours – but to be honest if I’m doing something I enjoy, I enjoy spending time doing it. And I’ve structured my fees so that if I’m working consistently I’ll eventually earn more than my previous job. What’s been the hardest thing for me to take so far, and the most important thing to remember, is patience. Things don’t happen overnight – you have to build a Cathedral brick by brick.


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