Posted by: Paul | July 9, 2010

Rev – A Vicar’s View

My article on Rev earlier in the week has been responsible for driving more traffic to this blog than it’s ever seen. Admittedly it’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s kind of gratifying that the odd stranger stumbles across my ramblings!

Anyway – I have a friend who’s an Anglican vicar, and I wanted to find out what he thought of the series. Despite being an atheist myself I have always found people of faith interesting – I mentioned before my best friend at school was a Jehova’s Witness. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to them – perhaps it’s an inquisitive nature, wanting to provoke discussion and question people’s beliefs in response to my own unshakeable lack of them. It definitely wasn’t a desire on their part to convert me – they don’t give a damn what I think. Far more likely to be the other way around, and just as unlikely to succeed!

‘I thought it was very warm,’ he said. ‘My wife and I shared a few belly laughs at times. Obviously they have to take some liberties here and there, and some people I know feel that they can’t ever accurately represent clergy life, but…what’s the point in that? They have a comedy to promote.’

‘Ultimately, you can’t even write some of the ridiculous stuff which has happened to me,’ and he proceeded to recount a story about a village show he’d been asked to take part in, and his stall ended up being sited between the DJ tent and the Police stand. ‘Our area for quiet prayer and contemplation was blasted out of the water by ‘Touch me baby, touch me’ on one side and the coppers putting their sirens on on the other,’ he said with a weary smile. ‘If they put things like that in, people would say it’s unrealistic.’

‘I just hope they don’t go down the sort of hangdog, social worker-type route,’ he said, ‘but they haven’t so far. I thought it was genuinely quite funny – I liked the lass who was transported by his sermons, you really do get people like her. And the Archdeacon is great – for him to be all condescending to start with, but then to turn round and back up his parish priest, and tell the other guy to go away I thought was really good. He’s a great character – those black gloves!’


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