Posted by: Paul | July 8, 2010

Conversations With A Two-Year-Old – Thomas the Tank Engine

Some context. We record a section of ‘Milkshake’ on Channel 5 in the mornings, which contains Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine and sometimes Ben and Holly when it’s on. Adam loves Thomas, only recently his ardour has cooled and he’s gone off him. To the extent that now, when he hears the theme tune, he emits a high-pitched wail, and tries to smash the remote through the TV screen.

“I don’t like Thomas!!!”

“Adam! Stop that! Why don’t you like Thomas any more? Thomas is nice.”

“Thomas BORING.”

“Adam! Where did you learn that? I thought you liked Thomas.”

“No Daddy! (The TV is still on, the theme tune has finished and the introductory flyover is playing) Waaah!” (Raises fist clutching remote again)

“Who’s that on your folding chair?”

(Slowly spreading grin) “Thomas…”

“And who’s that on the TV?”


“Do you like Thomas?”

(Shyly) “Yeah…”

“So will you sit in your Thomas chair nicely and watch Thomas?”


That, ladies and gentlemen, is Toddler Logic.


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