Posted by: Paul | July 7, 2010

Hup Holland Hup!

Rather large bump in view numbers yesterday making it the biggest day so far, so if you did – thanks for reading! Come back often, you’re welcome. And do check out “Rev” if you haven’t already.

So the World Cup is drawing to a close (and I’ll remove it from my header next week). Sniff. But if last night’s game is anything to go by, the remaining matches will be corkers. From Van Bronckhort’s cracking opener – goal of the tournament for me – to the injury time scramble when Uruguay thought they just might be in with another chance, it was a classic and the highlights are packed with shot after shot on goal.

You could argue that Holland were slightly fortunate, in that Sneijder’s goal took three deflections before hitting the onion bag and Van Persie was about three inches offside (no way the linesman could have given it), but equally you could argue that Uruguay’s place in the match was obtained unfairly anyway so I consider justice served on this occasion. This World Cup is good for that, with the manner of France’s exit, no? 😉

Anyway – fantastic game, Robben’s header was a fitting winner followed by a brilliantly worked consolation goal for Uruguay, and the Dutch deservedly reach their third final with the aim of making it their first win. Third time lucky?

So now as a football fan, I’m desperate for a Holland v Spain final. Two nations who have never won the title – what a dramatic final that would make, and what a story. Germany will be very hard for Spain to beat, and I expect another excellent game tonight (although perhaps slightly cagier). But if Paul the Octopus says that Spain will do it, then that’s good enough for me. After all, he’s picked the winners in all Germany’s games in this World Cup…


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