Posted by: Paul | July 5, 2010

“Good News, Everyone!”

In the words above spoken by the professor in Futurama, today has brought good news – BBC 6 Music is to stay open!

I blogged about this at the time the BBC published its review, in support of keeping the station open. Since then, the BBC Trust has gone away and considered the corporation’s cost-cutting recommendations, and come back in favour of keeping the only digital station consistently playing ‘independent’ music on the air. Champion of lesser known, young, starting out or niche bands and artists, 6 Music fulfills a vital function not catered for by the major label-courting Radio 1 and older listener-courting Radio 2. Many artists graduate from 6 Music to the mainstream and end up on both the other stations, but 6 Music puts in the legwork. Its listening figures have grown not just in the wake of the news it was to close, but steadily over the past few years – more than 700,000 people a week now listen, and the station introduces music to its fans they may not otherwise have heard. A valuable public service in my opinion, and well within the BBC’s remit.

So that was a nice story to wake up to this morning, and cheered me up after what was a disappointing Wimbledon 2010. The men’s final was as depressingly one-sided as the women’s, and much as I like Rafael Nadal there is little other than the Isner-Mahut match for which the 2010 tournament will be remembered. Ho hum. 2 months until Andy Murray can have another tilt at a major title – the one most tennis observers think he has the best chance of winning, the US Open.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your article keep up the good work! Even though for the Britsh it must have been disappointing to see Andy Murray fall short once again, I thought that this year’s wimbledon was very exciting and was happy to see Rafael Nadal take home his second title. But you have wonder if his injuries are going to catch up to him. I’m worried for how his career is going to pan out because of the injury problems considering it could be an unbelievable career rather than just very good. Also, you think you could check out my blog? I really want to know what your opinion is on my thoughts.

  2. Thanks for reading, Chris! I’m not disappointed about Andy Murray, tbh – I’m a tennis fan first and a Brit second. Tennis is such an individualist sport that I really think national allegiances are meaningless in the face of watching a brilliant match unfold. Having said that, of course if he made another slam final, I’d probably paint my face with the Scottish Saltire if I thought it would help him win 😉
    I like your blog very much – I’ve added you to my Blog roll. I’ve written quite a few other posts on tennis, they should be searchable. I agree about the strain Nadal puts on his body – he has just such a hunger for the game that if he CAN stay healthy he will win many more titles, he’s such a competitor. I think he’s already among the true greats, and the competition he has with Federer is like nothing we’ve seen since Borg and McEnroe. I think Federer has enough titles left in him that no-one will come close to his record any time soon – and he will come back with guns blazing after his Wimbledon exit, he will be desperate to prove he hasn’t lost it – and I for one don’t think he has… yet. But it’s coming. Check back soon, nice to talk with you!

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