Posted by: Paul | July 3, 2010

Not bad for an hour’s work

Serena Williams earned herself the world’s best hourly rate this afternoon when she took just sixty six minutes to stomp all over the dreams of emotionally unstable Russian Vera Zvonareva. You know, the one who bursts into tears in the middle of points and stuff.

In claiming her million pound prize money, Williams will just have added lots of fuel to the fire of the equal prize money debate. Her sister Venus was a big figure in the campaign, which forced both the French Open and Wimbledon to back down in their stance in the past couple of years. As a friend of mine said – “It takes longer than that on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’!”

My opinion on the subject is strong but simple. Equal work for equal pay. If the ladies only have to pay three sets, it’s not equal. They get paid more, frankly. With the strength, both physical and mental (except in the case of Zvonareva and a few others), of the female players, there is now no reasonable excuse for them not to play five sets. Surely they would want to prove they can do it too? It might also result in some better games – in three sets it’s hard to get the tactical ebb and flow which makes the mens matches so often utterly riveting, and the womens matches over in a comparative blink of an eye. They should just make the tournament longer, in my opinion – more people would get to see the tennis, more money for the organisers…everyone wins.

Anyway. The World Cup threw up another surprise this afternoon, as Germany did some stomping of their own – all over the burgeoning success of Diego Maradona’s rejuvenated Argentina side. We were out for lunch so I missed the game and checked the result just before five o’clock and nearly fainted dead away. Not just a beating, but a thrashing even more severe than that which they administered to England – 4-0! As is often said, “Never write off the Germans”.


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