Posted by: Paul | July 1, 2010

Mixed Bag

Bit of everything today.

I’m working on few bits of video conversion, from .mov to .flv for a website. There are a myriad of different options out there for doing this but I’ve been experimenting with two in particular – one paid-for, one free. AVS is the paid-for app, and I’m evaluating it to see if it’s worth the money, and the free app is Super. No, really, that’s what its called.

AVS is great – simple front end, a wealth of pre-sets and of course you can customise your output file however you like. But what I’ve been most impressed by is its speed. I’m used to video rendering taking a really long time, but for a 5 minute, fairly large and high quality .mov, it converted it to .flv in less than 2 minutes. Not bad at all! And the quality is pretty good.

Super produces equally high quality files, but is much slower. 14 minutes for that same file with the same output settings. For small files I can live with the increased elapsed time, but for anything longer than about 20 minutes I think I’d buy AVS like a shot.

In other news, it’s the between-days in the World Cup – quarter finals start tomorrow. But that’s OK, because Wimbledon has produced some great matches and surprise results in the past few days. Venus is out, Clijsters is out – MacEnroe would have you believe that the title belongs to Serena. I’m not so sure. But the biggest surprise of all, Federer was comfortably beaten by the Czech Thomas Berdych! That was a turn up. Federer moaned afterwards about carrying leg and back injuries, which may be true but he clearly had an off day. And with Nadal seemingly falling apart – he’s been calling the trainer regularly – the time has never been more right for Murray to claim his first Grand Slam. Forget what I said a couple of weeks ago during Queens – Murray has well and truly shaken his blues loose and is looking very sharp. A British winner of a major sporting event this summer after all…? Could be.


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