Posted by: Paul | June 30, 2010


There have been days, especially recently, when I’ve struggled to think of something to write on daily basis. I’m sure it’s shown. Today was one of those days. Until that is, I realised that it’s the 30th of June. Exactly halfway through the year (in calendar terms – turns out the second half of the year is slightly longer. Stands to reason with the first half having February in it, but not something I’d ever consciously considered. So I guess technically you can’t call it halfway, being as it is, 181 days to 184).

So I’ve been writing this nonsense every day for half a year now. I’d like to think I’ve entertained one or two people, and been read by a few random strangers along the way. For those of you joining late, I had no specific purpose to this beyond finding a semi-creative outlet for things I found interesting or amusing, to keep people up to date with what I’m doing with regards to my new business venture – essentially Me Ltd. – and to document this time for future reading by my son, should he choose to do so.

But recently thoughts have turned to what I do with this blog in the future. I intend to get to the end of this year having written something every day, which I think is a nice achievement, but what then? Do I carry on? At times it’s a pleasure, at times an absolute chore. Do I just write when the mood takes me, or see how much longer I can continue like this?

There is time to answer these questions. For now I will see out the year, and make a decision later. So if you’ve enjoyed some of this slightly random collection of thoughts, mostly either about sport, media or parenting, I hope you continue to do so and that I can continue to find things to write which entertain both of us.

Thanks for reading, if you are…


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