Posted by: Paul | June 29, 2010

Adam-Daddy Days

Adam’s starting to get used to the idea of me being at home more than Mummy. Sometimes when I go into his room in the morning to fetch him he greets me with the following question: “Adam Daddy day ‘day?”

Adam and Daddy days are normally Thursdays and Fridays. Designing this schedule at the start of the process I thought that three business days followed by two childcare days together was probably the most sensible use of my time, but with the onset of summer and the cancellation of nearly all our planned activities, I’m having to shift things around a bit.

It’s very annoying indeed, the way things shut up shop for the whole summer. Our local library’s ‘Songs and Stories’ as we call it which is one of his favourite activities, is cancelled for 10 whole weeks! That’s just not cricket. I’ve said this before, but why close things down when you need them the most?

Anyway, Adam and Daddy days are a mixture of things. Mostly getting pushed around by a two-year-old and doing exactly as I’m told, but we do go to the park, occasionally swimming, or to organised sessions like the above mentioned library, and also baby gym (basically soft play in a gymnasium). When at home we draw, cook things, do the hoovering and washing (yes really – I guarantee when he’s old enough to be of productive help he won’t be remotely interested), and play in the garden when it’s nice enough.

What we don’t do any more is sleep. He seems to have comlpletely given up on the idea of an afternoon nap, however desperately he needs it. This is hard on Daddy. I try – he makes all the right noises about wanting to go to bed, but as soon as I’m back downstairs he’s up and stomping around.

He doesn’t do this for Grandma and Grandad though, on their days. Oh no. He’s good as gold for them, of course!


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