Posted by: Paul | June 26, 2010


It seems the world is running out of one vital commodity – decent band names. For the day to come when I find myself liking a band called Bombay Bicycle Club must mean we are scraping the lexical barrel. It’s almost as if all the good names and phrases are gone now, and bands are reduced to sticking pins in dictionaries and pinching the names of old shops 😉

Fortunately, music itself knows no such limitations, and for those of us with neither money nor desire to actually go to the modern festival, TV coverage, especially on the BBC and its various outlets, is getting better and better. Now, rather than spend an hour in a sweaty crush standing bored to tears through Merkin Drongo and the Beards to see a band I actually like and are worth the inevitable reduction in set length that festival performances bring, I can watch highlights on the red button and, if anything piques my interest, use the website to get straight to the performance in question.

So from Friday’s coverage I was delighted to see highlights from the lovely Ellie Goulding’s set, plus full videos from Mumford & Sons, Kele Okereke and some nice acoustic material recorded by Foals for 6 Music before they play today. But the biggest surprise for me was the above mentioned Bombay Bicycle Club (whose abbreviation, I wonder if intentionally, is BBC!). They reminded me an awful lot of someone else who escapes me – a little bit Mogwai, a little bit Sonic Youth, a little bit Built to Spill, but a whole lot of someone I can’t place. It will come back to me. Anyway, I was very impressed indeed, and if they’d been called something suitably silly and dark which appealed to me more, like Exploding Factory or something, then I’d no doubt have checked them out a long time ago. Looking forward to more – Muse headline tonight, always worth a look. I admit to seeing Muse supporting Gene about 10 years ago and thinking “Yeah, I like them, but there’s no way they’ll EVER be successful sounding like that.”


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