Posted by: Paul | June 25, 2010

The Big Questions

There was a point yesterday where I thought at the end of this year, there will be three questions you should ask about important things which have happened.

1. Is the Icelandic volcano still erupting?

2. Is BP’s oil well in the Gulf of Mexico still leaking? And

3. Is the Isner / Mahut match still going on?

But finish it did, but not before they’d played another hour and notched up 19 further games – well into a second set in game terms for the people lucky enough to be seated on Court 18 at Wimbledon yesterday. Isner finally triumphed 70-68, but it almost didn’t matter who won – both players names were etched in history before they stepped on court to fight to a conclusion yesterday. What a game. What competitors. What a sport – for something of this nature can only, only happen in tennis.

Obviously a game like that will drain you in ways mere mortals cannot imagine, and it was no surprise that Isner’s tournament came to an end at the hands of 21 year old Dutchman Thiemo De Bakker. He must have thought it was his lucky day. There was definitely a wry smile and some choice words as Isner congratulated him at the net.

Anyway, back to the football, for the World Cup threw up another surprise yesterday, as holders Italy crashed out at the group stage – the first time both previous finalists have failed to reach the knockout stage. And not only that, but France and Italy both finished bottom of their respective groups! What odds you might have got on that at the start of the tournament, I can’t imagine…500-1?

Today is the last of the group games and the final 16 teams are decided, and England will know who they have to beat if they are to lift the trophy. I can’t stress enough how unlikely that is, though. They have to get past Germany first and then more than likely Argentina, and that’s just to reach the semi finals. And in order to do that, they’ll have to play two fantastic matches, of which we’ve seen little evidence so far. We can but hope!


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