Posted by: Paul | June 18, 2010

Not so Supermarket

Part of the arrangement for me working from home is that I do the majority of the household tasks. So I dutifully wash, iron, and hoover, sometimes for entire days if I’ve let the ironing build up enough.

This also extends to the weekly grocery shop. In a way it’s a benefit, as you know what supermarkets are like at weekends. So it’s actually most often a relief to get it out of the way and not have it impinge on family time.

But the quality of the experience itself depends entirely on how his lordship is feeling that day. I have to plan these expeditions carefully, not setting out without being loaded down with ricecakes, juice, and boxes of raisins. And for extreme tantrum situations, the d-u-m-m-y. Yes, he’s still using it at times, primarily at bedtime, but never fear – the “Dummy Dragon” is coming to claim it in a couple of weeks. More on that in a future post.

Only today I forgot the d-u-m-m-y. When he began to ask for it, my stomach fell as I instantly realised it was the one thing I didn’t have with me, and supplies were dwindling. By the time we reached the checkout he was in full-on demon child mode, eyes and nose streaming, throwing his juice cup into the empty trolley with a huge ‘clang’ after I’d put everything on the belt. But we were rescued by the kindly checkout lady whose name I was too flustered to glean from her badge, who gave him a packet of free world cup stickers to distract him. He clammed up straight away. When people do that it really makes you feel like a bad parent – you’re doing everything to placate your child and one act from a stranger does exactly what you could not. Weird.

Anyway, World Cup round-up:

Germany just got done by a terrible refereeing decision. It would still be best for England to win their group to avoid them in the second round, but it’s far from certain now.

France are done. Barring a miracle, it’s a second group stage exit in three world cups for the cheating, handballing nation of beret-wearers. Would the Republic of Ireland have been this bad at the finals? I strongly doubt it.

South Korea were totally undone by an in-form Argentina. I think they’ll win the trophy in spite of Maradona managing them, rather than with his assistance – you could put a trained monkey in charge of that team and they’d still sparkle.


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