Posted by: Paul | June 16, 2010

The story so far

My wife proudly announced last night that she wasn’t going to read my blog any more until the World Cup has finished. That’s halved my daily views! How am I going to keep those stats up now?

Anyway, today we reach the end of the first round of matches, and what have we learned about this World Cup?

1. It’s not a goalfest. We’re at match 15 with just Spain v Switzerland to go, and unless Chile get another one in the second half only 4 teams have scored more than one goal. Out of 32! That’s fairly pathetic.

2. Only Argentina, Germany, Brazil, bizarrely North Korea, and now Chile are playing decent, entertaining football.

3. Though neither Kaka nor Lionel Messi is going to save the world with their dazzling skills.

4. The ball is, as predicted, causing problems for goalkeepers.

5. The Vuvuzela has polarised the audience. Some love it. I hate it. But I wouldn’t ban it – it’s Africa’s party, and they should hold it how they want. Just don’t bring any of the damn things home to the Premier League, alright?

6. England are in a world of trouble and confusion. Even without Green’s mishap they played poorly and will have to have two significant wins to top the group and avoid Germany in the second round.

7. Never mind Robbie Earle and the on-selling of complimentary tickets, ITV need to get shot of Edgar Davids. I don’t care that he used to play for Spurs, he is a RUBBISH PUNDIT.

8. It’s OK to cheer for a totalitarian regime as long as they play good football. Apparently.

9. We’ve no evidence yet to suggest a clear tournament winner.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo, as put so succinctly by an American friend of mine who is following this tournament rather than the basketball, “is a little bitch”.


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