Posted by: Paul | June 14, 2010

“Sorry everyone, sorry, sorry!”

It seems that I’m spending quite a lot of my time watching the World Cup games and feeling sorry for people. Obviously Rob Green, as the ball wiggled through his hands and under his body to roll across the line. Last night there was little Timmy Cahill of Australia, harshly dismissed with a straight red card for a tackle in the Germany game that even it’s recipient, Bastian Schweinsteiger, admitted straight away he shouldn’t have been sent off for. The first controversial (read: wrong) decision of the tournament? And now, watching an unexpectedly lacklustre and pedestrian game between Holland and Denmark this lunchtime, what should have been an easy clearance by Simon Poulsen ricochets in off a team-mate’s back and past Danish keeper Thomas Sorenson.

Poulsen’s rueful grin said it all. Flabbergasted by his bad luck (read: poor header), Poulsen trudged back up the pitch to get stuck in again, in the knowledge that the vuvuzela chorus coming from the Dutch end of the stadium was all for him.

What do you say to the rest of your team when you’ve made an absolute howler? Green’s solemn raise of the glove on Saturday night to his back four, staring at him incredulously, seemed to say ‘I know. I’m sorry. We’ll deal with it later.’

The fact is, these things haunt you as a footballer. Gareth Southgate and Stuart Pearce will always be better remembered for their penalty misses at crucial times than their England performances. Collective memory is cruel.

Anyway. The Vuvuzelas are still driving me nuts. In games broadcast on the BBC it’s possible to mitigate it by switching to the 5Live audio commentary – which nine times out of ten is better anyway. The lip mics used in the radio broadcast are doing a better job of screening out the background than the TV mics. Maybe it’s the compression used. Whatever the reason, if they’re making your head hurt too I recommend you do this. Doesn’t help with the ITV matches, but hey – it’s ITV so the coverage is rubbish anyway and you’re better off listening to the radio. And it’s not just me who doesn’t like them – even the players are starting to complain, but FIFA have refused to act.

In non-football news, today I’m starting a fun project for a big museum in LA – part podcast, part file conversion, part a few other things. After a slightly doom-and-gloom week last week where not much moved I’m very happy to be busy again!


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