Posted by: Paul | June 11, 2010

Gluttons for punishment

Squeamish? Look away now.

We’re gradually starting the little one on potty training. It’s said to be hard work so we’re keen to get it done as soon as possible. I’ve read often that boys take longer to train than girls (says something about the male brain, perhaps?), but we’ve had reports from people with boys slightly older than ours that range from just a few weeks (oh please god), to well over a year (oh please god no).

The biggest problem I think we’ll face, and the reason we’ve waited a little while longer than we would have before starting, is, well, poo. Sorry to put it out there so baldly. With Adam’s food intolerance (which is still going on despite the coeliac test being clear), his nappies have been quite bad. For a while they were fine again on his wheat free diet, but they’ve gone again. Hopefully it’s just teething, otherwise it’s another visit to the docs for more tests.

He’s had a potty since about Christmas, and in the last few weeks we’ve been stepping up the training, putting him on it at strategic times to get him used to the idea – before and after bath at first, then first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and now also at every nappy change. It must be sinking in as he asks for it at times now – whether he actually wants a wee or not.

So yesterday we went to BHS to choose some pants – Thomas the Tank Engine ones were duly selected, and this afternoon, for the first time, he is nappy-less. The potty is close by as he plays with his little racetrack on the rug, and he is under instructions to ask for it should he need it. I think I’ve said before that promises from a two-year-old aren’t worth the wallpaper they’re scribbled on, so we’ll see how we get on. And we can always buy a new rug 😉


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