Posted by: Paul | June 9, 2010

Out of luck

That’s twice this week I’ve tried to play tennis and failed. Not as in ‘I’m crap at tennis’ – which would be fair comment in itself – but as in I’ve been to Club Night on two separate occasions and both times it’s been called off.

The first time was admittedly my fault – it’s usually held on a Monday, and without checking the notice board I just assumed it was on, showed up, and wandered straight into a match being played, to variously blank and puzzled looks – ‘Who’s this bloke?’

The coach was very apologetic and said that normally I’d be right, but this match was hastily arranged and had only gone on the board a couple of days ago. Kind of him to cover up for what I essentially could have found out on my own. It reminded me a bit of a time at University when I played badminton – my name was on the team sheet for a match one night, so I turned up and got the same look from the coach as I did on Monday, the ‘what are you doing here?’ look. Turned out it was another Paul. Felt very silly.

So Monday’s session had been moved to tonight, and good as my word I arrived at the appointed hour to find the coach giving a lesson on one court and no-one else there. He faithfully assured me there were people coming, but after half an hour of serve practice (which goodness knows I need), I was still ace-ing the fence every time. Well, it was more like one ball in eight in truth. So I packed up and went home to syrup sponge pudding and custard. So it’s next Monday instead. Third time lucky?


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