Posted by: Paul | June 5, 2010

Recycling karma

You never know what you might need.

I’m getting better at throwing things out. My Dad, though, is an inveterate hoarder. Bits of wood, sheets of plastic, old mower parts. Anything that looks like it could be used again in another context he stores away carefully, ready to be dug out in a decade when the time for “just that very thing” has come again.

On my list of little maintenance things to do around the house, one of the dry weather / summer jobs is to effect a repair to the back garage door – the paint is peeling and I could see that some of the timber underneath is starting to go soft. So with Adam playing happily in the garden on Thursday I set about this task, stripping off the flaking paint and starting to cut away the softened wood. Only as I started cutting, the more rot I found. The extent of the ruin stretched far below the surface, behind the handle, and in some places almost deep enough to penetrate right through to the other side of the door. This is not good. The massive hole I have uncovered can not simply be made good with the tube of wood filler, now redundant, I hold in my hand. We need a new door.

I put in a call to Dad’s Treasure Trove ™.

“Dad… got any doors?”
“Yes, actually, there’s the old front door.”

Told you so. This door though, happens to be holding up a partition in one of the many sheds. It seems I’m too late, and the “just that very thing” for the old front door has already come and gone. However, my eagle eyed mother has spotted a door for sale in a local magazine which looks like it might fit the bill. A quick call to the owner, and it turns out that not only is the door still available, it’s exactly the right size, and just round the corner. Literally – the chap lived less than 400 yards from my parents.

So for the princely sum of £8 and with a bit of work, I have solved our door problem, helped clear out someone else’s garage, and re-used something I would otherwise have bought a completely new version of at great expense. How’s that for recycling?


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