Posted by: Paul | June 4, 2010

Elephants don’t eat sandwiches

It’s half term. Summer is looming, and with it up to eight weeks of the regular activities that Adam and I share being cancelled.

I like routine. Need it, in fact. It steers me, gives me purpose and keeps me out of mischief. With me leaving my regular job being the biggest routine changer our family has ever experienced, just when things are settling down into a new routine it gets thrown into chaos by the annoying tendency that children’s activities have of shutting down during the holidays – just when you need them the most. I simply don’t understand this. Offices have holiday cover, and can if necessary call in temps to cover other people’s vacations, surely it’s the same in all workplaces – Libraries and Gyms included? Rather annoyed at missing out on Baby Gym as a result of this nonsense, I pack Adam into the car and head for our emergency standby for such occasions – the Zoo.

If you have a local Zoo and small children, you will no doubt understand the appeal of the annual season ticket. Entrance fees for single visits to the zoo are high, and if you buy a season ticket for ours and go three times you have covered your costs. Any more and it becomes a very cheap form of entertainment – Adam and I have already been three times since we renewed early in the year.

So today we bask in the sunshine on the wide path which stands between the Elephants and the Giraffes / Rhinos / Zebras / Duk-duks. Adam watches the biggest of the African Elephants munching on his morning snack, which today consists of about half a small tree.

“Look Adam, he’s having his lunch.”
“He have sandwich?”
“No, I don’t think Elephants eat sandwiches.”
“Cheese sandwich?”

As it’s obviously getting close to lunchtime, I decide it’s time for us to depart. We get up and stand at the edge of the Giraffe enclosure. An Ostrich saunters by.

“You see that big black bird, Adam? That’s an Ostrich. Ostrich. What’s he called?”


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