Posted by: Paul | June 1, 2010

Low Miff

I, Toby The Cat, am not happy. They did it again – went off and left me on my own.

I knew it was coming because He got the big red box out of the hole in the roof. Whenever the big red box comes out I can tell they’ll be disappearing for a few days. So I went and sat in it, in the hope that either they would (a) take me with them, or (b) decide not to go. No such luck. I was hoisted into the air and transported back to my sleeping chair.

So off they went. At first I decided it was A Good Thing – if they must leave me here, at least they took That Baby with them. A few days of peace and quiet would be a welcome break, I realised – no more having my tail stepped on, or being picked up by the wrong end. And after all, The Grandparents would come and give me my dinner, the same as usual.

The Grandparents are nice. They don’t try to pull my ears off or cuddle me until I’m squashed. The weather was actually nice last week for once so I often slept on the garage roof so I wouldn’t miss them when they arrived. They always make a big fuss of me.

But still, the fact remained that I was on my own much of the time, waiting for them to get back. And since they did, I have not let them out of my sight. I think they appreciate it – me sneaking up on them unannounced and standing right behind them in the kitchen or on the stairs. I think what they like best of all is when I howl at the lounge door in the middle of the night to be let up onto their bed. I mean, it’s night time, so they should be awake and out hunting, right? I’m only doing them a favour.


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