Posted by: Paul | May 30, 2010


Just back from a week’s holiday in Scarborough. Scheduled posts all this past week, hence all the reviews I’d been storing up – normal service resumed next week. It nearly broke me, writing an extra 8 articles in 5 days, but got to keep the chain up – post 150 today, incidentally.

Scarborough was very nice – never been up that way before, tons to do, especially if you have a little one who needs entertaining. Selected highlights:

– Adam singing the theme tune to ‘Roary the Racing Car’ at the top of his voice in a very quiet bookshop.

– A game of ‘goth football’ between Ali and myself in Whitby ending in a 3-3 draw.

– The National Railway Museum in York being very good indeed, not just for trainspotters, and best of all FREE.

– Going swimming every day in an excellent pool which we had entirely to ourselves 90% of the time.

– Adam throwing a massive tantrum in the courtyard at Castle Howard right in front of Aled Jones, there with a filming unit. I kid you not. It went like this: “I WANT A RICECAKE! Hello.”


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