Posted by: Paul | May 29, 2010


Adam has a new televisual obsession, and again it’s Channel 5 rather than the BBC which has come up trumps. Milkshake is definitely the morning kids magazine show of choice, CBeebies holds little sway at the moment. Roary the Racing Car doesn’t have the adult level of humour in the same way as Peppa Pig, but it holds Adam’s attention for a staggering ten whole minutes, so that’s OK with me.

Roary is notable for two reasons, both of them to do with voices. Firstly, the shows are bookended with a little bit of incongrouous narration from F1 legend Stirling Moss. And it’s exactly what you’d expect from an F1 legend appearing in a kids show – flat, lifeless, and crowbarred in for tenuous reasons. The second is that a couple of the characters are voiced by Peter Kay, who also sings the theme tune. Adam has picked up his own version of the song and often wanders around singing it quietly to himself – “Roary racing car, Roary racing car…”

Peter Kay is one of those people who I automatically assumed I would neither like nor find funny before I had seen anything he’d done. But I changed my mind after a friend twisted my arm into watching Phoenix Nights, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I’ve been a convert ever since. Britain’s Got The Pop Factor was hysterically funny despite the easy target it lampooned.

But I digress. The other thing I like about Roary is the hit-you-between-the-eyes-with-a-mallet moral message at the heart of each narrative. For instance, the one we watched together on the web the other day was a covert attempt to get kids to clear up after themselves. For some reason I find such blatant attempts at behaviour modification at such an early age amusingly futile! Speaking of futile, now to teach him about brushing his teeth properly…


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