Posted by: Paul | May 27, 2010

Early Riser

Adam has always been an early riser since he made the transition to a toddler bed. It doesn’t seem to matter what time he goes to bed, he’s always up between 5.30 and 6am, ready and raring to go. It’s almost as if he had his own internal alarm clock. He takes after his Daddy in that way – once he’s awake, that’s it, he may aswell get up.

Generally he amuses himself in his room for a little while. There’s a stairgate on his door so it’s not possible for him to come and leap on us in order to get Mummy and Daddy up, so he plays with whatever toys are currently upstairs (we tend to rotate them). We can hear him over the monitor through our gradually waning slumber – at first he sits quite quietly, chatting to himself and maybe leafing through some of his books. Of course, he’s a bright little boy, and even if he doesn’t actually understand how it’s possible, he knows that we’re able to hear him and gradually his play becomes more boisterous in order to get our attention. Sitting quietly becomes driving whatever vehicular entertainment he has across the floor – softly at first, building up to crashing into things. The bin in particular makes a satisfyingly loud ‘clang’.

If Mummy and Daddy have still not budged at this point, the game moves into phase three – demolition. he starts by pulling all his books off his shelves – one or two at first, and then by the armful. Once the shelves are empty, he turns to his drawers. His latest trick is to locate a pack of wipes, and pull them all out one by one. We’ve lost three packs of wipes to this behaviour in the last two weeks – learning in the process that (a) he can now reach the top drawer, and (b) it’s the calm after the storm that signifies the real trouble. When all is quiet where once was loud, that’s when you need to get out of bed right now as he’s up to something.

So you stumble into his room and witness the devastation. Laundry basket upturned and emptied, toys and bedding all over the floor and the entire scene draped delicately in baby wipes. Before you can remonstrate with the child, he picks up a solitary book and puts it back on the shelf, saying with a huge grin, “I tidy!”



  1. He’s a legend. Thomas still sings Adam’s “Salmon” song and finds it very amusing 🙂

    • Saaal-mon, saaalmon… He’s now singing a bastardised version of Row Your Boat.

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