Posted by: Paul | May 25, 2010

The Unwinding Hours and more new music

Thought I should spend some time, and a little bit of money, catching up on some of the albums which have passed me by so far this year. It’s strange, but since Adam was born my enthusiasm for seeking out new music has waned quite a bit, and even more so since I’m not commuting much any more and I don’t have so much cause to fire up the iPod. So here are a few of the things I’ve been enjoying recently:

The Unwinding Hours (pictured above)
This might aswell be the new Aereogramme album since it’s the new project by Craig B and Iain Cook from the band, and it may well have been the album they went on to make had they not split up. It’s a magnificent piece of work, my favourite album of the year (I was/am a huge Aereogramme fan), and Tightrope in particular recalls past highlights like Barriers, Yes and Inkwell.

The Kissaway Trail
The Danish youngsters second album, Sleep Mountain, has come in for a lot of flack for sounding an awful lot like The Arcade Fire. But if you’re going to ape someone you might aswell ape quality! Anyway, for my money what’s going on with this record is they’ve been listening to a bit too much late period Mercury Rev, and quite a lot of dEUS. Again, great influences and it adds up to an enjoyable listen for me.

Rather like the Unwinding Hours and Aereogramme, this first solo album from the Sigur Ros frontman could really be the new Sigur Ros album. If it was, it would be possibly the most accessible record the Icelanders have ever made. Bright, joyous, bouncy, and sung largely in English for once, it really works!

Emma Pollock
A strong second solo album from the ex-Delgados singer. You always know you’re getting a certain level of quality from Chemikal Underground releases. Pollock released her first solo record on 4AD and while still pretty good, this builds on it, taking a slightly more experimental approach on songs like The Loop and Confessions. Only slightly, mind. Perhaps the only good thing about the break-up of The Delgados is the fact that it means twice as much quality music – Pollock and Alun Woodward have released three records between them in the time it would normally take their previous band to make one and go back into the studio to write the next!

Still to come – ex-Shins man James Mercer’s new outfit Broken Bells, and the new albums from Foals and Matt Pond PA.


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