Posted by: Paul | May 17, 2010

Invoice Day

I keep starting Monday posts with something along the lines of “back to normal this week”. But this week really is back to normal – for the first time in quite a long time due to holidays and work commitments I actually have a week which represents how things are supposed to pan out – three days working at home on my own, and two days with Adam, in that order. Still, flexibility is the watchword of my new life and I was extremely grateful to be out and about both working and networking last week, and this week it’s back to the chores.

Chore number one is invoicing. I’m rapidly realising that there’s a fair bit of paperwork invloved in being self employed – whether it’s forms for the bank or tax office, keeping on top of your financial records or sending out invoices for recent work carried out. Luckily I’m an organised and disciplined soul on the whole so keeping on top of that side of things is not too much of a hardship – especially when the end result is that you get paid for something you did. I have yet to receive payment for any previous invoices I’ve sent out yet, but how sweet that moment will be when I can look at my bank account, see a figure in there and say “I generated that on my own.” There’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge waiting to be popped on just that occasion, and hopefully it’s not far way.

So, I look forward to the time when I’m working consistently enough that every Monday is Invoice Day. It’s early days yet, but I feel like I’m getting somewhere.


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