Posted by: Paul | May 16, 2010

Dream Lord

Difficult to believe we’re over halfway through the new series of Doctor Who, it feels like about five minutes since it started. Matt Smith is, against my expectations, settling into the role very well indeed and consistently making me laugh out loud. If Tennant was the Action Doctor, Smith is cementing his place as the Funny Doctor. Karen Gillan continues to be nothing but as charming as the moment she donned her Police uniform in the first episode, and her fiancee Rory is a welcome, downtrodden ‘everyman’ addition to the cast, and even keeping the Doctor in his place at times.

Last night’s episode was a cracker. Another fantastic script, this time by Simon Nye, saw the three flicking between alternate realities in a freezing Tardis about to crash into a ‘cold star’, and a sleepy (literally) English village where a pregnant Amy lived in somnolent wedded bliss with Rory (now a Doctor himself – wish fulfilment, anyone?) The two strands were created by a new nemesis, the bow-tie sporting ‘Dream Lord’ (the brilliant Toby Jones), who cheekily informed them that one was real, the other a dream – and if they died in one, they had better make it the right one.

It was great fun – both laughs and intrigue as they fought the urge to sleep at the sound of birdsong, and the final reveal raised more questions than it answered – did the Doctor lie to them about the Dream Lord’s identity? What was the significance of the reflection at the end? I can’t help but think that, dark side of the Doctor’s personality or otherwise, this is just the start for the ‘Dream Lord’.



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