Posted by: Paul | May 13, 2010

Museums & Heritage Show

I’ve had a rather lovely – and very busy – couple of days. On Tuesday I was up in London doing a freelance job for Antenna while their Creative staff got together for their semi-annual “retreat”, a three day gathering of producers, sound designers and various support and management staff to conduct internal seminars and training exercises. They were always one of my favourite parts of working at Antenna, and the planning was just as much fun as the workshops themselves. My two criticisms were always the same though – we tried to pack too much in, and there was too little follow-up on what was discussed. Hopefully they’ve addressed both those issues but it seemed like everyone had a great time and I certainly enjoyed catching up with them all, especially those from overseas who I have not seen for a long time.

So I spent the day at first the Royal Academy and later the National Gallery recording interviews for two upcoming projects, and ended the day in a cafe teaching ProTools to a friend who is an independent radio producer before dinner at the Great Eastern (yum, again!) with old friends.

Yesterday I was at Earls Court for the Museums and Heritage Show, one of the two annual trade shows for the sector I’ve spent the majority of my life working in. Despite that fact, this was the first time that I have been to the actual show (despite preparing innumerable demo productions and equipment for them), and I had an entertaining afternoon wandering around, again catching up with Antenna colleagues from different departments, before meeting another friend who gave me the courage to start approaching potential production clients. Safety in numbers! I had some very useful introductions and left business cards with everyone I possibly could who may be able to put work my way. Fingers crossed!

Back to normal childcare duties today though – we had Adam’s coeliac blood test this morning and were kept waiting for 50 minutes before we were seen, which was nightmarish as after 10 minutes Adam needed changing and I dare not do it lest we miss our call. Cue almost an hour of hell…! Here’s hoping the result comes back clean.


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