Posted by: Paul | May 12, 2010

Coalition of the willing?

Dave & Nick on the steps of Number 10

It’s a pretty historic day today. We have the first coalition government since the end of the Second World War, and it’s come from the unlikliest of partnerships that’s got the press tripping over their own camera cables in order to keep up. Since I’m actually quite hungover after a night out with old friends from across the pond, all I’m going to do today is quote a great article written on Facebook by a very close friend of mine in its entireity. I would have written a similar post this morning and I agree with everything she says, and (a) I’m very lazy and (b) I’d like to preserve this moment for posterity with the clarity of the eyes of another. I’ll add nothing of my own, except to say that on his radio show this morning, Nicky Campbell said “It’ll never last.” Take it away, Lol:

“I am a Lib Dem supporter and I am not freaking out!”

I’ve voted Lib Dem in every election since 1998 and I don’t think they’ve got anything to apologise for. I’m no more or less optimistic for this government than had they joined up with Labour. The Labour elite have LONG since left behind many values they claimed as their own 25 years ago, why couldn’t the same be true for the Conservatives? Are the Germans all evil, based on past political leanings? Americans?

“The Conservatives are all selfish, self serving bastards” I hear you cry. And Ed Balls isn’t? Hazel Blears? Ruth Kelly, she was alright wasn’t she? Peter Mandelson? Jack Straw?

Surely no one believes Labour don’t have frighteningly right wing elements within their core?

Without referring to the politics of the 70’s and 80’s (IT’S 2010!!!!), I would love for someone to explain to me why a Con-Lib coalition is really any worse than a Lab-Lib-SNP-Plaid+ coalition? And possibly why despite SO MUCH evidence to the contrary, people actually think Labour are still somehow more virtuous than the Cons?

I’m celebrating a little power in the Lib Dem purse. There are reports that they’ve convinced the Tories to raise the tax threshold to £10000. That is already a more progressive, more useful policy for the poor, than anything Labour has come up with over the past 10 years. Fixed term parliaments? Not a sexy policy, but one that does actually transfer power over to the electorate. I’m gutted that there won’t be PR, but it wasn’t guaranteed with the other lot either, there are a LOT of Labour rebels who would not have liked PR kicking them out of their comfy safe seats.

There are Lib Dems in the cabinet!!!!!!! Keeping the Tories in check!!!!! I am seriously celebrating.



  1. Cheers mate! Also, I’m suing you for breach of copyright.

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