Posted by: Paul | May 11, 2010


General update today, for those who are interested.

Busy week ahead – today I’m up in London recording some interviews for two separate projects, giving someone some ProTools tuition and then meeting up with friends and colleagues from Antenna – some of whom are over from the US and I haven’t seen for a couple of years, and I’m very excited to catch up with them all. Some of my best memories of working at AA are of the trips I made to San Francisco and the friends I made while there – I miss them a lot, and hope that I’ll make it over to my favourite city in the world again before long. Maybe next year?

Then tomorrow I’m visiting a trade fair, the Museums and Heritage show at Earls Court. I haven’t been to one of these before and I’m sure it will be an interesting experience, and with a little bit of luck my business cards will arrive today, ready for me to hand out – it’s not that there’s little point in going if I don’t have them, but I look more serious, professional and committed if I do!

On Thursday we have round 2 of Adam’s coeliac blood test – here’s hoping they get it right this time. Not looking forward to that – it wasn’t a nice experience for him last time, so we’ll have to go and do something fun afterwards to make up for it. Wish they hadn’t buggered it up!


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