Posted by: Paul | May 10, 2010

They think it’s all over…but it’s just the start

The sacred head of Saint Peter Crouch fires Spurs into the Champions League

I’m not often right about something. It’s even less common that I’m right about football (see FA Cup Final prediction). But I’m over the moon at being able to say that my league prediction has been proven correct, and Tottenham Hotspur came 4th and are in the draw for Champions League qualifying.

Prediction – Spurs 68 points, Man City 64.
Reality – Spurs 70 points, Man City 67.

They pushed us hard, almost to the final day, but largely thanks to incredible wins over both Arsenal and Chelsea, plus beating City at Eastlands, we held them off. Don’t blow your big chance Spurs – it would be mightily embarrassing if you failed to reach the group stage at your first attempt.

So the domestic league season is over for another year, and Chelsea are champions. Deservedly, I think (hate to see Man U hogging all the trophies, you see). But the football hasn’t quite finished for the summer just yet! Still outstanding:

Wednesday – Europa League final, Fulham vs Atletico Madrid. This is going to be a fun game to watch. Plucky Fulham – let’s hope they can do it, it’s been a long hard road for them, will they rise to the big occasion or run out of steam?

Saturday – FA Cup Final, Portsmouth vs Chelsea. Another game where we can champion the underdog. Poor Portsmouth, consigned to a mountain of debt in the Championship – can they have one last hurrah before they depart? Let’s hope so (always nice to be beaten by the eventual winners).

Saturday 22nd – Champions League final, Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan. May or may not watch this, I do have a soft spot for Jose, he’s always entertaining, but the final in recent years has tended to be a damp squib compared to the semis.

From June 11th – THE WORLD CUP! I’m so excited to be at home and hopefully in a position to have a month long binge on football from all four corners of the globe while the tournament’s on. As for England’s chances…that’s for a later post!


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