Posted by: Paul | May 7, 2010


I feel absolutely wretched today so this will be a shortish post – just managed to get little one down for a sleep and I think I should do the same or feel the consequences.

Not sure what it is – certain people would probably say it’s all in my mind but I have that feeling where even your skin aches, and just the act of moving within your clothes as you walk causes mild pain. Struggled to Baby Gym, then struggled round the shops, and later have to wrestle Adam to the doctors. I need some strength back. I know, I know, shut up with your moaning, man!

Anyway, I feel as rubbish as our political system this morning. I hadn’t thought that it would be possible for all three parties to lose, but that really seems like what’s happened. As I predicted on multiple occasions from long ago (though I take no credit for it), we have ourselves a hung parliament, and it’s not currently clear what’s going to happen. It all kicks off in the next couple of hours – both Cameron and Brown are due to make statements and everyone’s fighting over whether legally the PM has to have the first crack at forming the Government, or whether as they finished with both the most seats and votes, the Tories should give it the first go. The Lib Dems, despite their poor performance as it turned out (they’ve lost at least 7 seats when they were widely predicted to gain about 20), could hold the key. Watch this space.


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