Posted by: Paul | May 6, 2010

The Big Day

If you haven’t voted yet, stop reading this right now and get out and do it. It’s the easiest thing you can do to express your opinion and affect a change. OK, it’s not the ONLY thing, but everything else is much harder work and a longer road. Seriously, how difficult is it to put your shoes on, wander down to your local village hall / community centre / primary school and put a cross on a piece of paper. You don’t even need to take your polling card if you can’t find it. Whatever your colours, or even if you don’t know who you will vote for until that blunt pencil is in your hands, I urge you to go and have your say.

This is the most interesting and exciting election for years. After more than 30 years of total boredom with no close run races (wouldn’t it be more fun if it was an ACTUAL race?), we finally have something worth tuning in and staying up for. I for one will be on my sofa and on Facebook for as long as I can stand tonight, conversing with those around me about what’s happening as it happens. Childcare duty in the morning but I think I can live with a little sleep deprivation, as you can guarantee that on several occasions overnigth there will be “Did you see…?” moments that I don’t want to miss. Like Portillo losing his seat in 1997.

Anyway, enough blather for today – I need to get out and vote myself. Fingers crossed.

Actually, just one more thing – interesting factoid of the day. The new president of Nigeria is called Goodluck Jonathan. Great name – one for Alex Ferguson’s next racehorse, I think 😉


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